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Bosch IDS Family of Inverter Heat Pumps

With quality engineering and industry-leading technology, Bosch heat pump systems are built to be ultra-efficient and maintain low operating costs. The robust Bosch Inverter Ducted Split Air Source Heat Pump system utilizes just the right amount of energy to achieve ultimate comfort at maximum efficiency while keeping sound levels to a minimum.


In 1980, Toshiba invented the inverter. This technology now used by many leading brands of high efficiency air conditioners. An inverter can cool or warm a room to the desired temperature as quickly as possible and then efficiently maintain this temperature. This is accomplished using a variable speed compressors, indoor blowers, and outdoor fan motors.

Most inverter systems use the evaporator temperature/pressure reading to optimize the compressor and outdoor fan speed for maximum efficiency. There are virtually no disadvantage to modern inverter drive systems. For instance the Bosch inverter BOVA systems can run at 20 % of their rated capacity removing tons of latent heat-humidity.

The choice to oversize one can be a very smart choice to tackle peak heat/cool loads like a walk in the park. It can also lower its capacity to keep a very cold indoor coil with lower fan speeds to tackle humidity between cycles (see Gen 2 Bosch BOVA). Inverter systems can do all this whisper quiet for a third or less energy usage.


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