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Fresh Air Return

Add Balance with A Fresh Air Return

Knowing how your air conditioner operates is crucial to understanding why fresh air returns are so important. Air conditioners are actually breathing machines that breathe in the air around your home, condition it, and then breathe out cool, dehumidified air. A significant amount of the air which is circulated through your home is probably lost through the ductwork. Fresh air returns are used to replace the lost air. Air conditioners push air out under high pressure, then draw it back in under low pressure. Balancing those pressures is how you keep a system efficient. Whenever your system doesn't get fresh air from its return ducts, it takes air from other sources to re-balance itself.


A Fresh air return brings in fresh air from the outside so your HVAC system not only equalizes the pressure levels, but also prevents infiltration by filtering and conditioning return air to distribute it throughout the house. 



Residential Air measures your home’s air conditioning system's balance and can advise you on the best solutions to maintain a perfectly conditioned living space!