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Zone Control Systems

The HVAC zoning system also known as zoned HVAC allows for the creation of customized temperature zones throughout the home which will increase comfort and efficiency. Heating and cooling zoning systems (also known as "zoned HVAC") use dampers in the ductwork to direct conditioned air to specific rooms or zones of the home.


Can you benefit from a zoning system in your home?

Zoned HVAC systems are a good investment for almost any household. Most homes have a room that is always too hot or too cold, and family members with different temperature preferences. Zoning systems let you adjust different comfort needs while saving energy at the same time. 

If you have a home with large windows, rooms that are certainly hotter in the summer or less livable during the winter, rooms that are seldom used, and special areas that need extra cooling, then zoned HVAC might be the way to go.

Instead of setting one temperature for your entire house, a HVAC zone control system let you create different temperature-controlled “zones,” so you don’t waste energy overheating or overcooling other areas. In fact, when used with a programmable thermostat, zoning can mean energy savings of up to 35%. You can even adjust the temperature in any zone remotely with a smartphone or tablet.

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