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What is the inverter air conditioner?

What is the inverter air conditioner?

An inverter air conditioner uses microprocessors to control the speed of its compressor motor to match the required output. Once the room is cool or warm, an inverter air conditioner lowers the speed of the motor to save energy and maintain the desired temperature.

As technology advances, it’s always exciting to see how each new version surpasses the previous one. Residential HVAC systems have needed upgrading for quite some time now. The technology for modernizing them has been around for decades, specifically in the form of mini-split air conditioners within the HVAC industry. Inverter systems, to be precise.

The Bosch Inverter Ducted Split Family provides remarkable comfort and efficiency by adjusting compressor capacity instead of simply turning it on and off. This feature helps to lower operating costs and save you money. With the IDS Family, you can expect maximum comfort with minimum energy usage, enhanced humidity control, and higher efficiency. Furthermore, the thermostat’s intelligent features automatically adjust to your preferences, and the installation remains quiet thanks to integrated sound-dampening features.

Is Inverter Split System Less Expensive?

Inverter split systems are less expensive than most geothermal systems and provide superior temperature balance and indoor humidity control. With a consistent cooling cycle, they can remove more humidity from warm-weather air, resulting in more significant energy savings. In addition, we offer inverter technology in both mini splits and standard splits, giving you a range of sizes and installation options.

However, it’s important to note that inverter-controlled compressors generally cost 25% to 55% more than their single-stage and two-stage equivalents. And if you’re interested in a multiple-zone system, remember that it requires two to eight indoor units, each with separate installation costs.

Lastly, we recommend using something other than communication technology at this time due to its buggy nature. Getting them back on track can be difficult if communication systems stop working.

Residential Air LLC, a certified contractor for Bosch, Trane, and Carrier, offers various air conditioning services.

Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling system? Consider inverter-driven ACs and heat pumps. These systems are two-to-three times more efficient than single and two-stage standard split systems. In fact, inverter-driven systems are becoming more efficient with each generation, giving geothermal heat pumps a run for their money. Contact Residential Air today for your repairs or a new HVAC installation.