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What You Need To Do To Prepare Your Heat Pump In The Fall

As the weather changes in Alabama, your heat pump prepares for the temperature change. You need to schedule a tune-up to ensure your heat pump is functioning properly before the cold weather hits. A technician will check your heat pump’s ability to handle the switch from air conditioning to heating. Heat pumps don’t get a break yearly; they work year-round. As a result, heat pumps are much more vulnerable to breakdowns, which tend to occur when you least expect them and when you need the heat pump the most.

Residential Air offers affordable and timely maintenance, including tune-ups and repairs for various air conditioning and heating equipment, including heat pumps. Our certified technicians ensure that your heating system performs optimally and delivers heat efficiently throughout your entire home. Below, we will look at the signs that you should look for regarding when repair and service are needed for your heat pump.

Common Heat Pump Problems

Heat pumps tend to experience several problems, most of which can easily be avoided with basic and routine maintenance. If you notice any of the following, call Residential Air to schedule an appointment for service.

Heat Pump Won’t Start

Pumps that aren’t functioning properly may not be receiving power. Alternatively, it could simply receive limited to no communication from the thermostat. When you get a tune-up, the power source and the circuit breaker will be examined. Frayed wires around the unit will also be looked for.

Heat Pump Making Weird Noises

As a general rule, heat pumps are quiet pieces of equipment that operate in the background without you knowing it. If you hear any strange noises, like rattling sounds, there may be loose parts or hardware on the unit’s interior.

If you notice squealing or grinding sounds, the noises may result from worn-down motor bearings. The experts at Residential Air will listen to weird noises and diagnose potential problems when performing a tune-up on your heat pump.

Heat Pump Doesn’t Blow Warm Air When It’s on the Heat Setting

Your heating system’s air ducts and filters need to be clear and free of dirt, dust, and debris so that it can efficiently transfer heat. Residential Air will clean your heat pump during a tune-up to ensure it can sufficiently produce and move heat throughout the home.

Schedule Service When Symptoms Are Present

Before the weather gets too cold, call Residential Air and schedule a tune-up during the fall season. If you currently suspect issues with your heat pump, it isn’t too late to schedule service. Some other signs that your heat pump may require service and a tune-up include the following:

  • Unusual odors
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Short cycling
  • Lukewarm, humid air
  • Excess moisture and leaks
  • Increases utility Bill
  • Overdue maintenance service

Call Residential Air — Heat Pump Experts in Huntsville

Now that you are familiar with some common problems and what you should watch for with your heat pump, you are more equipped to take care of it and maintain its performance and lifespan. Call us today at Residential Air to ensure your home is comfortable this fall and winter.